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— Instagram Project by THAT'S CONTEMPORARY —

Online Project

Instagram Project

Milano, 20122

From March 23, 2020
to May 5, 2020



May 5, 2020
5 p.m. - 7 p.m.

Contribution of Maria Elisabetta Novello and Angelo Crazyone


Find out more on our Instagram page @thatscontemporary

THAT’S CONTEMPORARY showcases Art Resistance Kit, a project that aims to conceive reflection’s kits, side by side with the art community, as necessary immediate actions in the present time. The initial invitation addressed to many players of the contemporary art scene was to create their kit of tools for the inner self, based on the identification of six basic human needs. Answering questions like “What provides you food? Care? Shelter? Protection? How can you locate yourself in space? How do you interact with the other?”, artists, curators, journalists and art professionals shared their thoughts through images, videos, texts, drawings, and audios. Each piece will be posted on THAT’S CONTEMPORARY‘s Instagram page daily with the wish to offer the community, also invited to share its ideas, different interpretations of the satisfaction of the very same needs. #artresistancekit

Art Resistance Kit is an ongoing project that started thanks to the contribution of:
(ab)Normal | Vanessa Alessi  | Nico Angiuli | Ankkhole | Maura Banfo | Andrea Barbagallo | Jacopo Benassi | Matteo Bergamini | Martina Brembati | Andrea Cancellieri | Nina Carini | Mariacristina Cavagnoli  | Giorgio Cellini | Umberto Chiodi | Irene Coletto | Irene Sofia Comi | Andrea Contin | Daniele Costa | Lucia Cristiani e Mattia Pastore | Sabrina D’Alessandro | Simona Da Pozzo | Paola Di Bello | Giacinto Di Pietrantonio | Mariacristina Ferraioli | Graziano Folata | Giulia Fumagalli | Pietro Gaglianò |  Annaklara Galli | Viola Gasparotti | Aldo Giannotti | Giuseppina Giordano | Nicola Gobbetto | Veronica Iurich | Sophie Ko | Rada Kozeli | Andrea Lacarpia | Sara Lorusso | Matteo Lucchetti | Giulia Maiorano| Rachele Maistrello | Valeria Manzi | Marco Roberto Marelli | Stefania Mazzola | Martina Melilli | Antonio Miucci | Concetta Modica | Annalisa Pascai Saiu | Isabella Pers | Tiziana Pers | Alessandra Piolotto | Francesca Pirillo | Valentina Piuma | Alice Pedroletti | Annika Pettini | Diego Randazzo | Eleonora Roaro | Giulia Ronchi | Gabi Scardi | Simona Squadrito | Alice Cheope Turati | Patrick Tuttofuoco | Angeliki Tzortzakaki | Andrea Viggiano | Caterina Ruysch Voltolini | Andrea Wiarda | Rui Wu